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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Mandag, 03. december 2012 01:33

A Danish Lutheran minister just announced  that what happened that night in Bethlehem
didn´t really happen, it was all but a myth, but still a good one you may feel something good about!

But the Bible says, “It came to pass….”  (Luke 2:1).  In Latin it says, “Faktum est…”  (i.e. it is a fact!)

My friend, the gospel is no dream
nor what  some poets write
within some thinkers´ futile scheme
at daybreak or by night!

Salvation is not what you feel
like any fairy tale
that can´t your sinful conscience heal,
for it´s of  no avail!

Yet some deny the gospel facts,
they say, “It is not so!
When someone, though, on feelings acts,
that´s all he has to know!”

“The fairy tale may give you joy,
the gospel myth may too,
its made-up fiction can´t destroy
what feelings do to you!”

Lo, thus their lies they softly tell,
but liars they remain,
their doom will be eternal hell,
that´s all what they will gain!

O, preach the facts, not what you feel,
your solid Rock is Christ,
what else can to your soul appeal
than what He sacrificed?

Dec. 3, 2012, - jn

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