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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Onsdag, 22. august 2018 12:16

Tune:  Have Thine Own Way, Lord...

My soul, oh learn for God to be still,
in holy stillness know His good will
while feeding on the Bible, His book,
that makes you turn for Jesus to look!
If need be, stand with Him firm, alone,
do find yourself with Him on the Throne, (Eph. 2:6)
by faith this standing lifts you above
man-centered views and their fickle love!

For desert times you should be prepared,
for all their loneliness be not scared,
Elijah at the Cherith did learn  (1 Kg. 17:3)
how God that man showed loving concern!
Move on with Him, the steps He may take
will never from your soul harshly break,
His herds the Shepherd won´t drive too hard,
He for your frailty does have regard!

Shun worldly softness, be strong and be bold,
join by His grace the heroes of old,
under His wings stay hidden until
He in the open shows His good will!
Showers of blessings poured forth as rain,
what He once did, He´ll do it again,
Are you the deer that pants for those streams? (Ps. 42:1)
He will fulfil your revival dreams.

8/22/18 - jn

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